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About Us

As new challenges emerge, we are re-imagining our strategies, solutions and platforms to help people to take advantage of their data. We meet our clients objectives working as a global partner to create lasting value in every direction.

Esparaquia is a leader in next-generation digital services, big data solutions and business consulting. We enable our clients to navigate their digital transformation, help them to uncover actionable insights from their own data to build meaningful models, dashboards and algorithms for their use cases, by adapting cloud base solutions, analytics, ML/AI and emerging technologies.

Our experience in Big Data solutions and software engineering allow us steer our clients through their digital journey, helping them to use the maximum potential.


Data Science

We offer Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions and services that will help you achieve your business objectives faster, while setting you up for sustainable growth.

  Our services help organizations use data and analytics to create new business models while ensuring security, quality and regulatory compliance of data. Underpinned by advanced analytics to deliver new business solutions and perceptive roadmap to scale up their businesses.


Our Engineering & Enterprise Support (EES) helps business to respond their needs by providing engineering solutions and technical support. By defining and understanding the issues and creating an adequate research, troubleshoot, develop and implementation.

  New technologies and business models are driving companies to transform at lightning speed for a digital world. We collaborate with cross-group peers both proactively and reactively.


Our Analytics solutions helps to enhance decision making while enabling augmented intelligence and process automation.

  Unlike traditional data and analytics initiatives our Analytics approach is about connecting data and people, ideas and outcomes with meaningful reports, dashboards and tools. It requires aligning the data strategy to business goals and decision making to drive adoption on a large scale.

blockchain consulting

Since bitcoin gained prominence, other Blockchains has captured the attention of media, investors and organizations. However, the technology has far more potential than the hype surrounding some of its early applications. New blockchains has the potential to transform industries and business models.

We provide consulting services to realize the potential and overcome the challenges in adoption from a strategic approach.

Enterprise Apps

We provide enterprise applications solutions, ranging from well-designed and innovative sites to fully functional applications. We focus our approach. Our design is more than what meets the eye it creates a significant lasting connection with the audience.

  Our solutions are in a range of web & mobile application services, including initial prototyping, UI/UX design, development, as well as application backend and website infrastructure.

DATA Engineering

We applied big data tools such as Hadoop and many other cloud based tools at different levels to help enterprises adopt a comprehensive approach and roadmap to scaling enterprise-grade data for their businesses.

  We unblock the power of Big Data by using pipelines according to business rules by working with both, streaming data applications and batch processing data from a wild variety of sources.

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